Video & motion design

We love film. Nothing comes close to the expressiveness of a video that is well-storyboarded, written, shot and edited. Combine the real world with digital effects and your viewers will be hooked.

Video & motion design

The possibilities of the Internet are ever-developing and the expectations of the public are increasingly higher. People expect to be able to find instant and clear information about any subject online. Video is a perfect way to share this information. It is capable of conveying a lots of information and can bring your message across by evoking a certain feeling and frame of mind.

How do we do it

Film is our passion. Whether it's a live broadcast, corporate movie or documentary, you've come to the right place. We approach every production in the most personal way possible. For every project we select the right crew to fit the job. We strive to expand our horizon with every production. Whether it's using new technologies, equipment or ideas, every production is made unique and tailor-made to fit your expectations.

Our own formats

We believe that it’s important to be on the frontier of new production methods, technology and ways of distribution. To achieve this we developed two formats with the internet and mobile consumption in mind. Freshly Juiced is produced on a weekly basis, while ‘Mee op Reis’ (Dutch for ‘traveling with...’) filmed as a short running series containing eight episodes each.

Freshly Juiced Logo Freshly Juiced - Games magazine

Freshly Juiced
Games magazine

Mee op Reis Logo Mee op Reis

Mee op reis
Travel magazine

Latest video productions

Freshly Juiced launched

Freshly Juiced is a new initiative all about games. The website will have weekly video episodes hosted by rising star and true gamer girl Soraya. She will cover the latest games, ranging from mobile to the next-gen consoles. Take a look at the latest episodes.

The TV series of InsideGamer

InsideGamer is a new television format airing weekly on Veronica. The show keeps you updated on the latest gaming news from all over the world. We are producing the episodes in collaboration with Sanoma Media. You can watch the latest episodes online.

Promotional videos for Omron Europe social network

Omron Europe is rolling out a new internal collaboration platform. To highlight this we wrote, storyboarded, shot and edited 4 web videos to help promote the use of the new platform amongst employees. Read more in the portfolio.

E3 video coverage

We are producing video coverage of the largest game trade show in the world for both Discovery Channel and Together with The Secret Lab the press conferences by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are followed closely every day.

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